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A better life - Duncan exit

It had taken him a while, but Duncan had finally decided that despite the good times he'd had in Sioux, he had lost too much while being there.
He'd rambled right into a depression in the late summer, and had swindled into almost nothing, because he hadn't been able to take care of himself. His beautiful pelt was now matte and in clumps and what had been white before, was now a brownish color. He smelled like feces, and was overall just not looking great. His hipbones jutted out, and his ribs were so visible, that his heartbeat was constantly visible. On top of that,
He got up, for the first time in a week, legs weak but he stood. He looked at his hip boned with a sad, tired expression.
He'd heard about how Hera had taken over the pack and left afterwards to "grow" and while he was happy about that, it also just made him even more conscious about how far down he'd been, and how he hadn't interacted with anyone for a long while.
He looked forward again, lifted
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Doggos by Dakaido Doggos :icondakaido:Dakaido 3 4 Attacked by Coyotes by Dakaido Attacked by Coyotes :icondakaido:Dakaido 19 5 Doing traditional badges by Dakaido Doing traditional badges :icondakaido:Dakaido 4 0
HotL - The madness within
Duncan had finally fallen asleep just before dawn, not very long before the sun showed its face over the horizon. He did not get to sleep for long though, as the pack started moving towards the center of the clearing, and thus woke him up. He startled as a deer smelling a predator, got up, and looked around, just to see that Alaric was already there, followed by Kiou and Alistair, both of which, were making sure to have the stranger walk where they wanted him to. He looked even worse than he had when Duncan had visited him, less than two days ago. The swollen eye, the blood and the many wounds. And then there was the scars. Some seemed new, and others were clearly old. Like the rind where an ear had once been placed. It seemed that he had slept even less than Duncan, he seemed even more broken, and he flinched constantly, unable to keep up with the guards, but seemingly scared of the pain. This was nothing like the male he had seen coming into the pack that first day.
Today was the day
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Looking through your eyes by Dakaido Looking through your eyes :icondakaido:Dakaido 5 0
[HOTL-AC] The pain in your eyes
It had been a long day for Duncan, and before that, an even longer night. He could feel the restlessness in the pack, and it made him nervous. He hadn’t slept more than an hour through the last 2 days, unable to find rest. Instead he’d been circling around the stone he knew the stranger was being kept at, and he’d observed the guy, and tried not to look when he’d been tortured. He had a strong feeling that whatever was happening had something to do with the weirdly coloured male, even before Alaric had announced that he was to be killed on the 12th if he didn’t give up all informations the alpha would ask for.
It had been a long day, and before that, an even longer night for the big dark male. He almost hadn't slept for the last week. The cause of this, was mainly that he heard screams, yelps and whines from the stranger, and on top of that, the restlessness in the pack. It kept him awake at night, and made it impossible for him to sleep. He had been circl
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[HOTL-AC] - Oblivious and happy
The black and white juvenile that had just recently gotten accepted into Druid, had been walking around after Pearl most of the day. The female had shown him the edges of the territory and told him that he couldn't go past them, unless he was told otherwise by an adult.He had nodded with a serious face. He really liked his new guardian and wanted her to like him too. She wasn't like his mother, but even then, she reminded him of her, especially when she held him close and let him sleep against her belly. It made him feel both happy and sad, and he missed his family, but despite everything, he was happy with Pearl. He felt that he had refound his will to live, and that he could survive with this pack.
Pearl had also given him not just one, but two names. Or rather, a name given with love, and a nickname that made him happy and proud, as it was so close to what his biological mother had named him. He couldn't tell Pearl what he thought about the name, at least not with words, but he made
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A family lost, and a new one gained

It was a nice, warm spring day. Two adult wolves had been lying in a small light clearing near the den they shared with their pups. They had no pack, but were merely rogues that had found an attraction to each other, and ended up with pups together. While they were lying in the clearing, their pups, or rather juvenile youngs had been playing around them. Tumbling around, running and giggling together. The light female was beautiful, and noisy, the dark male, silent and observant. She had a hard time catching him, since he seemed to know what she would do, even before she did. They played for a long while, until both of them, light and dark, were tired of it. They lay on the grass, panting, and the older sister, born before the male, looked down at her brother.
"That was loads of fun, right?" Her voice was like the song of a bird, and the dark male had always admired her. If they hadn't been of the same blood, he'd probably have gone for her
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[Ambient Mix]
[Duncan] [Sean]

A puddle. It reflected white, misty air that covered the forest, twinkled with soft, dispersed light of Sun hidden above the fog. A face appeared on water’s surface. The reflection shown a horrible figure of wolf, who always looked as if he is snarling or grimacing out of distaste. Sean stumbled across his own image while he was scenting the ground. However he did not devote too much time to admire himself - he was aware of close presence of other wolves in this territory. Male inspected surroundings with his pale eyes again. The bottom of the forest was nearly as dark as Sean’s fur, so his silhouette looked like a sta
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now who am I missing?

Super cliche, but: what kind of artist am i? 

6 deviants said An Improving Artist - Your talent is obvious, but it is not perfected. There are many things you can fix about your work, but that doesn't mean you aren't wonderful already.
1 deviant said A Normal Artist - You are a typical, everyday artist who wants to do their best and I have neutral feelings about you as a person.
1 deviant said "Idol' Artist- You are an artist I look up to, get inspiration from, and sometimes I wish I had your talent.
1 deviant said A Compassionate, Caring Artist - You are an artist who does what they can to help other people, even if it means putting down everything you're working on to help someone in need. Your art is great, but your heart is greater.
No deviants said "Stuck Up" Artist- You have tons of fans yet you have sub-par artwork. You gain tons of attention and you soak it all up but pretend you're humble about it. Although you can be nice, most of the time you're too 'busy' soaking up popularity.
No deviants said "Tunnel Vision" Artist- You draw a lot of the same subject matter and rarely divert from it, even when others suggest you should. As enjoyable as your work is your lack of ambition to variate subject matter is off putting whatever talent you may have.
No deviants said "People's" Artist- You do what everyone WANTS you to do. You tend to work more on things everyone else wants than what you want to. If the community doesn't like it, neither do you.
No deviants said Invisible" Artist- You're more of an enigma; choosing to upload art and stay off to the sidelines rather than participate too much with your watchers. You can tell you appreciate the attention but you're not too 'social'.
No deviants said "Whiner-Brat" Artist- Your artwork is enjoyable but I strongly dislike and often am at odds with you as a person and your attitude. You have a problem with everything, and use your fans as a way to vent/complain.



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